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Sodium nitrite molar mass:

68.9953 g/mol

Sodium nitrite appearance:

forms colorless to slightly yellowish crystals

Sodium nitrite Formula:


what is sodium nitrite?

This product looks like a white (yellowish) crystalline solid and is supplied as a powder that is very soluble in water. Sodium nitrite, which is used as a precursor of organic compounds, is used in industries such as paint industries, poisons production, pharmaceutical industries, and also in food industries as a food additive and preservative, including meat products. Sodium nitrite is used along with sodium thiosulfate, and according to the World Health Organization, pharmaceutical sodium nitrite is one of the safest and most effective drugs.

Product name: Nitrite sodium(natriumnitrit)

Appearance: forms colorless to slightly yellowish crystals

Formula: NaNO2 

Molar mass: 68.9953 g/mol

Nitrite sodium properties
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