food industry

  • Additives and meat products as preservatives
  • Creating the desired color
  • Effective in controlling microorganisms

corrosion industry

  • Anti-corrosion in water cooling systems

Sodium nitrite has been used as a corrosion inhibitor in closed water systems for years. Sodium nitrite acts as an anodic corrosion inhibitor in the same way as chromate and molybdate. Nitrite works as an anodic corrosion inhibitor to form a protective gamma iron oxide film on the metal surface. This layer is formed by the reaction of nitrite and dissolves oxygen, and then it is repaired by nitrite alone. Since the need for this film is small, nitrite is not used in practical amounts. It is this film that protects the metal surface from corrosion attack.

Dye and textile industry

  • Reagent for converting amines to other compounds
  • Production of other nitrogenous organic compounds

plastic industry

  • Production of nitrogen compounds
  • Polymer impregnation

Chemical industry

  • Production of antifreeze
  • drug manufacturing
  • Maum's production

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